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Actel X79 suffix
Agilent G suffix on RF xstrs & diodes; transitionary green dot on PLCC
Allegro T suffix
Alliance Semiconductor F suffix
Altera N suffix
AMD "P/N change, varies by series"
AMI Semiconductor P/N change. Transitionary labels on all containers.
Amphenol See Mfr's Website:
Analog Devices Z suffix
Analog Integration (AIC) "Most products lead-free, see Mfr's Website:"
Arizona Microtek + suffix
Artesyn No P/N change
Atmel "P/N change, varies by series"
AVX Compliance chart:
BI Tech LF suffix on some parts; Date Code identifier
Bourns Compliance chart:
Broadcom "G suffix, Labels on shipping containers"
Bulgin Compliance chart:
Catalyst Semiconductor See Mfr's Website:
Cirrus Logic Z suffix
Conexant "P/N change, varies by series"
Cypress Semiconductor X suffix
Cornell-Dubilier Compliance chart:
Elna See Mfr's Website:
EPCOS "No P/N change, identify by Date Code"
Epson A2 or B2 suffix
Erni Compliance search:
Evox Rifa "No P/N change, labels on containers & packaging"
Fairchild "NL or NF suffix, recently switched to date codes"
FCI LF suffix
Freescale "P/N change, varies by series"
Fujitsu Microelectronics EI suffix
Grayhill Compliance chart:
Halo RL suffix
Harting No P/N change. Identify by Revision Status and label
Hirose Compliance search:
Holtek Semiconductor # suffix on some parts. Labels on cartons.
Hynix See Mfr's Website:
IDT G suffix
Infineon Date Code identifier
Intel "P/N change, varies by series"
Intersil Z suffix
Int'l Rectifier P or PBF suffix
IRC (Int'l Resistive Co.) Compliance chart:
ITT Cannon Compliance chart:
ITW Pancon Contact Mfr:
ITW Switches Compliance chart:
JST Compliance search:
Kemet "P/N change, varies by series"
KOA Check individual datasheet for compliance info
Kyocera Compliance chart:
RoHS Compliant Logo Lattice "TN, FN, MN, NN suffix"
Linear Tech PBF suffix
Littlefuse Compliance chart:
LSI Logic See Mfr's Website:
Macronix G suffix
Maxim/Dallas + suffix
Methode Connectors G or W suffix
Micrel "P/N change, varies by series"
Microchip "G suffix during transition, then no P/N change"
Micron "P/N change, varies by series"
Microsemi See Mfr's Website:
Molex See Mfr's Website:
Murata Compliance chart:
National Semiconductor NOPB suffix
NEC "A, AZ or AT suffix"
Oki Semiconductor No P/N change; lot code will have J suffix
Omron Compliance chart:
ON Semiconductor G suffix
Osram Z suffix on some parts; Date Code ID on others
Panasonic Components No P/N change in most cases
Panduit See Mfr's Website:
Pericom E suffix
Philips Semiconductor Date Code identifier
Pulse NL suffix (NLT for tape & reel) on most products
Renesas "U, V, W or X within last 4 digits on some parts…"
Richco Compliance chart:
Ricoh Compliance chart:
Rohm Compliance chart:
Samsung "P/N change, varies by series"
Samtek See Mfr's Website:
Sharp F suffix
Sirenza Compliance chart:
Skyworks LF suffix
SMSC "P/N change, varies by series"
Sony P/N change TBA
Spansion 13th digit of P/N = F instead of A. (Spansion P/Ns only)
SST E or F suffix
ST Micro Date Code / Label identifier
Supertex G suffix
Syfer Compliance search:
Taiyo Yuden Compliance chart:
TDK Compliance chart:
Texas Instruments P/N change & Date Code identifier
Toshiba "F or G suffix (F=completely lead-free, G=terminals lead-free)"
Tri-Quint/Sawtek Check individual datasheet for compliance info
Tyco See Mfr's Website:
"Vishay (GS, Telefunken)" "P/N change, varies by series"
Welwyn "No P/N change, labels on packaging"
White Microelectronics G on package label
WIMA Compliance chart:
Wolfson Micro Contact Mfr:
Xilinx G suffix
Yamaha Z suffix
Yamaichi Check individual datasheet for compliance info
"Zarlink (Mitel, GEC, Ferr)" "P/N change, varies by series; marked with e1 or e3 in circle"
Zetex "No P/N change, identify by Date Code"
Zilog G suffix

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